aleph design, beautiful apartment in Naples

The owners Alessandra and Gaetano architects have designed their last project, called ALEPH, as the well-known short story by Jorge Luis Borges. In fact, it rises at the point where are concentrated lots of monuments, at the cross of two axes where old Neapolis was founded and where each civilisation left its signs without cancelling the former traces, where the different souls of Naples (noble and poor, sunny and hidden, mystic and profane, intimate and theatrical) live together. Aleph is an artist’s flat that opens its doors to friends and guests. Here are exhibited all the works of the landlady.This is the place where San Lorenzo Maggiore Basilica rises, in the heart of historical centre; it testifies the encounter between Boccaccio and his beloved Fiammetta and where, some years later, Petrarca took refuge from a seaquake. This is the place where San Paolo Maggiore basilica’s large columns remember us by the past it was a Dioscuri’s temple. This is the place of via San Gregorio Armeno and its handicrafts. This is as well the place where starts the roman aqueduct named Napoli Sotterranea and where Naples old pizzerias quarrel to fill the air with forgotten pleasant smells.


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