b&b in Naples

Tribù is a contemporary bed and breakfast and art atelier immersed in the quiet and charming Palazzo d’Angiò, in the heart of Naples. Tribù is on Via dei Tribunali –the Decumanus Maximus of the ancient Greco-Roman city ‘Neapolis’– stand the striking 13th century colonnades of Palazzo d’Angiò, acting as a filter between the interior and exterior.The contrast between outside and in is extraordinary, and provides one of the great pleasures of a stay in the Tribù residence. Crossing the palazzo’s wooden doorway, you leave behind the ribald, festive atmosphere of the street and breathe in a deep silence unique to these ancient palazzo buildings; a silence that extends to the apartment and guest rooms. The outside: ‘vivacissima’ Via Tribunali is powered by the constant open air theatre put on by the market sellers and artisanal shopkeepers that crowd this legendary street, which runs straight through the city, enviably close to all its principal sites. Inside at number 339 lies a haven, its classic courtyard sitting frozen in time. The building’s ancient history emanates from its walls and infuses the residence with a special atmosphere; we balance this with simple and contemporary twists dotted throughout our hotel. Contrast is a vital element to Tribù that pleasantly surprises our visitors.


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